Volstar Sample Volunteer Form

This form is meant as a sample to show you what is possible

Please provide the following contact information:

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Street address



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Please choose as many of the following areas that you would be interested in volunteering for. Enter your priority for the area you'd be most interested in with 1 as the area you're most interested in, 2 as next are you're not quite as interested in and so forth. Leave the areas you're not interested in empty.

Food- server/clean-up
Warehouse, equipment delivery
Promotions- Souvenir Sales
Protocol- Games Host
Volunteers- Recruitment campaign
Safety & Telecommunications- Security, Medical
Registration & Results- Registration Center Worker
Culture- Events organizer, worker, performer

How would you like us to contact you?

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The following buttons don't actually do anything. They are just samples.

Technical note to web hosting services

Your webserver needs to generate the data into field name:field value lines and send them as an email. This email account should be dedicated for this purpose. An example:

Contact_FirstName : John
Contact_Initial : Q
Contact_LastName : Public
Contact_StreetAddress : 401 11215 Jasper Ave
Contact_City : Edmonton
Contact_State : AB
Contact_ZipCode : T5K 0L5
Contact_WorkPhone : 780 401 5079
Contact_HomePhone : 780 401 5079
Contact_Email : tony@example.com
Admissions :
Food-serverClean-up : 5
WarehouseEquipmentDelivery :

The field separator can be any value such as ":" or "=" as this program can be configured to use any separator value.

The field name can be any name you want to use on the form. This program can be easily configured to use any value so use what is convenient for you.

As the above example shows you can copy blank values into the email. In fact this would be preferred for testing so that all the field names can be put into the program at the very beginning.

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