Rig Anchor System

Know exactly where all your temporary and permanent service rig anchors are buried. If one of your operators is heading to a particular field you can notify them of any anchors in the area needing pulling. If paying your operators by the installation or by the pull you'll know exactly how many in the week or month they've done. If a customer wants to know just how many anchors you've installed for them in a year you can print the information in a few minutes.

Keyboard shortcuts include entering just enough of the legal land description to be unique. The system then fills in the rest. You can "quick add" new fields, customers or contacts.

You can track rig anchor installations by invoice number or by legal land location. Information entered includes invoice number, legal land location, customer name, contact name, field name, installer and amount paid, puller and amount paid, type of anchor installation and more.

Screens available include:

Reports include

These reports can be selected by any combination of: range of install dates, customer, operator, status, contact or field.

You can also track the rigs specifications including escape line.

Any capabilities not on this list which you require can, of course, be added.

Demo CD ROM is available at no charge.

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