Granite Minor Ball Hockey League Registration System

This system allows you to track all the league members registrations including team, position, shirt number and uniform size.   You can also keep the contact details of others such as coaches, parents and officials in the database.   Registrants info is easily passed to the next year with a click of a button.   Search is available by name, address, phone number, team or level.

Reports include  Team Forecast Report so you can have a good idea before registration starts the number of team members who will be moving to the next level.

Annual registrations and other mail outs are handled using #9 double windowed envelopes so mailing labels aren't required.   You create the mail outs using supplied Microsoft Word documents as templates and the program does the mail merge.   A laser printer is recommended as the cost per page for doing even 500 pages is lower than with an ink jet.

This system hasn't yet been in use for an adult league but I'm quite willing to work with a league to adapt the program so it will work well for them.

This system as been used since 2007 by the Edmonton Minor Ball Hockey League.

Security best practices.

I am not an expert so consult your own IT experts.  However you are strongly urged to place the registration data files in a hard drive or partition which is encrypted.  In the event of a theft it is not possible for anyone else to recover the data without the password.   In addition the backups should also be password protected and stored offsite should a fire or other disaster occur.