Microsoft Access Databases by Granite Consulting

The following are databases which we've created for clients in this region. These systems are all designed to be generic. These can all be customized to match your specific requirements.

Granite Fleet Manager

This system tracks your equipment, serial numbers, service work performed, parts consumed and where it currently is and when it's due back.  Reminders of inspections due soon appear on startup.  Extensive reportng include a complete history of all work done which can be very useful at resale time.

Volunteer Management for Special Events

VolStar is the complete tracking system to manage hundreds or thousands of volunteers for major special events.Take the guesswork out of your volunteer management plan

Planning a major event that involves hundreds - or thousands - of volunteers is no easy task. Youwant to get the best use of your valued volunteers, and make sure important details don't slip through the cracks. VolStar helps you cover all the bases! VolStar is the software solution for sporting, cultural, or other events that involve 500 or more volunteers. VolStar simplifies the planning and paperwork, so you can help your event managers and volunteers perform at their best!

Dispatch System

The dispatch system manages the status of customer service calls in each stage, systems installed and customer service history. Also the customer equipment module tracks exactly what the customer has including serial numbers and warranty expiry dates.

Rig Anchor Tracking

Know exactly where all your temporary and permanent service rig anchors are buried. If one of your operators is heading to a particular field you can notify them of any anchors in the area needing pulling. If paying your operators by the installation or by the pull you'll know exactly how many in the week or month they've done. If a customer wants to know just how many anchors you've installed for them in a year you can print the information in a few minutes.

Oil & Gas Service Invoicing

Invoices services performed for oil & gas companies by legal land location and/or accounting number. Produces paid reports by trucker, unit, welder, sub contractor or employee. Designed for construction, trucking, land reclamation and any business where many pieces of paper must be tracked before producing invoices.

Hockey League Statistics

Designed for hockey league statisticians to track the league's statistics throughout the season. This includes team standings, top players, goalies and penalties. League and team reports are faxed to league and team officials and media

Business Directory

Designed for towns, cities and municipalities this application allows you to publish your Business Directory on the Internet in a convenient and easy to navigate fashion. Email and Web links to individual businesses can be easily added.

Office administration

The To Do database allows you to prioritize tasks. This can also be in to do date sequence. It includes sub-tasks also by priority. You can also open Word, WordPerfect or Write documents "attached" to each task or sub-task by clicking on a button. This can be easily expanded to include any other program controllable via DDE or OLE. (Note that you'd better have lots of RAM if you want to load many programs at the same time.)

The Contact Lists database keeps track of names and addresses.

Survey systems

Keeps track of multiple survey questions and responses with categories. You decide the questions and the allowable responses. One question can be answered 1-5, another Y/N/Maybe/Don'tknow, another ABCDE, Work within/Look for new answer/Both/Didn't answer, etc, etc. The survey data entry person keys in only the codes, ie YNMD, 12345, etc. The computer then displays the full response, Yes, No, Strongly Agree, Somewhat Disagree, etc. on all reports.

Optional items the system tracks are employment, income range, marital status, etc. Other optional items can be easily added.

Typing Assignment Database

Designed for business colleges and schools to track the progress of their office and secretarial students in their typing assignments. Keeps track of outstanding assignments and tracks re-do's. Student reports include graph's for easy to understand view of their progress to date.

Constituent tracking

Designed for Members of Parliaments.

General Notes

These systems can be shipped with the run time version of Microsoft Access so you aren't required to purchase a copy of Access. However you will not be able to make any changes to the software unless you purchase a full version of Access. We will be happy to customize any system to meet your requirements.

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