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Designed for towns, cities and municipalities this application allows you to publish your Business Directory on the Internet in a convenient and easy to navigate fashion. Links to individual businesses WWW pages and email addresses can be added within each entry.

We will convert your business data, in any PC compatible format, to our system. If not already available in your current data you will need to add the the products and services categories to each business. Then the software automatically generates Web pages, including the indexes, which can be accessed anywhere via the Internet. You can easily update the information on your system and upload it to the Internet under your complete control.

Welcome to Townsville

(a sample home page)

Economic Development
Business Directory
Coming Events
Etc, etc.

Technical Information

The biggest task will be creating the list of products and services which each business provides. We will provide a starter list similar to that available in the Yellow Pages. You can update this list to suit your own requirements while you are updating each business's products and services.

After ensuring the data is correct and making any updates the software then generates your Internet Web pages, including the index pages. Using the method required by your Web space provider, likely FTP, move all pages created in the BUSPAGE and BUSINDEX directories to corresponding directories on your Web host.


If there is sufficient demand we will create a CISX compatible database. We will convert your CISX database to Microsoft Access format, a modern Windows based program. The data will be manually inspected to catch minor differences in data entry between the various offices. Reports listing various problems and other anomalies will be emailed to you while the conversion is being performed.

We are attempting to get the technical specifications for BAIS and the off-line data entry template to avoid double entry of updates.

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