Multiple Microsoft Access Snapshot Files Printing Utility

(Updated 2008-08-18)

This utility allows you to select and print multiple snapshot files in the alphabetic order in which they are in the directory.   It stores the last ten directories from which you have printed snapshot files.  If you want to clean out this list just edit or delete the .INI file in the directory in which this .EXE file is placed.

Visual Basic 6 runtime is required but it comes with Windows 2000 SPs and Windows XP.  If you get the message "A required .DLL file, MSVBM60.DLL, was not found." you can download it here.

 Unzip and place this utility exe anywhere you like.  There is no install routine as none is required.

Snpprint V1.5 New version due to Microsoft updating the SNAPVIEW.OCX..Microsoft Security Advisory (955179) If you are getting the error message "System Error & H80040111 (-2147221231). ClassFactory cannot supply requested class." then update to this version. (2008-08-18)  

Snpprint V1.4 Pass a file via the command line which it will immediately print.

Snpprint V1.3 Allows you to view files and resize or maximize view form

Snpprint V1.2 This version supports a command line parameter to set the drive and path in the form 'path="Q:\1 VB\Snpprint\testing"' with the double quotes and without the single quotes.  (New2003-08-11)

Snpprint V1.1

Free to use.  Source code is available for a fee but there is nothing very complex in there.

Email Tony Toews if any problems or questions.

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