Screen shots of error messages

Tired of users misremembering the text of an error message? We've managed to train some users to hit Ctrl+Print Screen to copy the screen or Alt+Print Screen to copy the window and then paste into Word. This gets the image down to about 100 KB. They can then email the .doc file or, depending on your email software, paste directly into the email.

Do ensure the image isn't somehow mangled and sent as a .bmp which will be a megabyte or two.  Fine if your on a LAN or high speed internet but a pain if you're on a modem.

In Win 98, 2000, and XP and Access 2000 and 2002 Ctl+C will frequently copy an error message and Ctl+V will paste them into a text editor like notepad or your favourite email program. Note that you will get the unsuccessful ding but ignore it. Just try pasting the text anyhow.  This doesn't always work and I haven't yet figured out exactly what combinations of what do work.

There are also times when the screen shot itself gives you more information about the context of the error than just the message text.

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