Reserved Error (-1517) in Microsoft Access

I've noticed this problem several times when I've added a foreign key to a table in the backend which was inserted into the middle of a table. Everything would work fine for days or weeks until the backend was compacted. Then the FE would puke with the -1517 error whenever that particular table was accessed. But deleting the link and recreating the link or compacting the FE made it work again.

In addition this particular app has an opening form where users decide the job they want.  The combo box, which is based on the table on which I was inserting fields, was missing data in most of the columns..

To me this shows that Access is retaining some information regarding the fields in the table in the FE and now what it's looking at in the FE doesn't match what's in the BE. So rather than refresh the table schema data Access dies with the -1517.

Michael Kaplan has stated said the following in several newsgroup postings:

The error is because a column ID is not valid in a linked table. Try deleting and recreating the links, or alternately making sure both front and backends are compacted.

You can probably avoid compacting by deleting and recreating table links in many cases; this will clear cached info, obviously (since it is cached in the link).

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