So you've got an Access Question/Problem?

Look in the help files first. The help files that come with Access are actually a great source for help (not counting Access 2000, that is).

(That said for folks new to Access the worst problem is figuring out what the terminology means. You know what you want to do. You just don't know what Access calls it. Or you're not familiar enough with Access to poke around and figure things out. )

If you don't know the exact terminology for what you're looking for go into the online help, click on Search and click on the Find tab. (You may see a Find Setup Wizard message. If so the Minimize database size (recommended) default option has always worked for me. Then click on Next and Finish to build the searchable index file.) Here you can try various search keywords to search into the text of the help system.

Visit the Microsoft Access FAQ website to see if it's a frequently asked question.

Visit Microsoft Support to see if Microsoft have already logged your question or problem. Note that MS's answers aren't always exhaustive.

Search at Google.   Use double quotes around a phrase.  As in, for example, "path/file error".  If your question involves an error number with a "-" hyphen in front remove the hyphen before searching.   Otherwise search engines will disregard all pages or postings with that error number in them.  Which is the exact opposite of what you want.

Visit the groups search at Google, advanced search and in the newsgroups field enter the following newsgroups so as to narrow down your search " microsoft.public.access.*"

Review the last few days worth of messages in the newsgroup or the appropriate microsoft.public.access newsgroup to see if your question has been recently asked.

Finally post a question in the newsgroup or the appropriate microsoft.public.access newsgroup. Do not post to many microsoft newsgroups. Folks there do follow each newsgroup separately. Follow the tips at the Access Netiquette Tips page.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use a newsgroup reader you can visit the Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups online.  Click on Office, Access and then the appropriate newsgroup to review current postings and post your own question.

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