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My Access Information Pages

Microsoft Access based (or similar) Accounting Systems
Faxing from Microsoft Access to Winfax Pro
: allows you to send email via DDE from MS-Access.
Microsoft Access Report Printing Criteria Selection Form
Microsoft Access (and related) Books
Granite Consulting Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access Links

I strongly urge you to download the latest Access 2.x Knowledge Base Help File
in Windows help format to keep on your own system for frequent access. I use mine just about every day.
The great Trevor Best's Access FAQ. New Many comp.databases.msaccess readers, including me, are grateful for Trevor's extraordinary assistance and prodigous posting of helpful replies.
Microsoft Support Online Knowledge Base Index Once you're at the page select Access.
Microsoft Access Files
Digital Dreamshop's Access Developer's Page is the most extensive index of Access related information and links I've been able to locate.
Chui Shuin's MS Access Favourite Sites. Another comprehensive set of links to Access sites.
Allen Browne's Home Page
Stephen Wynkoop's Home Page
Imagicom - OCX (OLE 2.0 Custom Controls)
Sage Database Inc InfoHaus Page
MS Access Shareware Developers
Tenpence - Gil's Access Page fellow comp.databases.msaccess resident
PK Solutions Home Page another newsgroup resident. He also rebuilds corrupted databases usually within 24 hours. When you need him you REALLY need him.
Peter's MS-Access Help Site Useful MS Access code snippets.
Jerry's Programming Information
Trisha!! The Ms-Access Freak!! Set of links to Access sites.
ACG Soft New Links, sample code, tips and more stuff. (formerly ATTAC Consulting Group)
John F. Lacher CPA New Provides solutions to users of Excel and Microsoft office.

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