Unexpected Error (32811) in Microsoft Access

(Last updated 21 January 2008)

If you get this message  the likely cause is that your compiled VBA is corrupt.   From Access help:

"This condition may or may not be serious. This error has the following
cause and solution:

An unanticipated error occurred in the host application or in
Visual Basic.

You don't have to assume that this error is serious. However, you
should note the number of the error and report it to Microsoft
Technical Support."

Clearly this is rather serious though.

1) Try a decompile first. 

2) If that doesn't work then try importing all your objects into a new MDB.   One (or more) object(s) with VBA code may not export properly.  If so create a new form and copy and paste all the controls from the old form to the new one.   Then go into the VBA editor and copy the code into Notepad.  Then recopy it from Notepad into the new form.

There is a Microsoft KB article on this topic
ACC97: Errors Converting or Importing with 754 or More Controls 164453
but clearly this may not be relevant in your situation.

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