Inserting data from incoming emails created by a website into tables

You need some method of reading the emails. I chose to use the Mabry controls a while back. There is a link on the Access Email FAQ at my website for using Outlook.  The following will require a fair bit of VBA code.

I have a dedicated email account on my server for just this purpose. I then download each email, including the headers, into a record with a memo field on a holding table for just this purpose and then delete it from the server.

Then there's a bunch of VBA code which goes through all unprocessed records using lots of string commands such as instr, mid and len to parse out each data element and place the fields into a record.

Finally I display the new records, and any old unprocessed records, on a continuous form for manual validation by the user. After all you never know just what kind of data anonymous Internet users will key in. <smile>

The user then flags each record for rejection or acceptance. If accepted the data is then appended to the data table(s).

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