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(Last updated 07/13/2011)

Contributors in 1999 were Andrew Perrin, Eric June of Intuitive Data and Dev Ashish. 

Various Tips

Choosing a method of sending your email.

I would prefer Directly via the Winsock as this option avoids the distribution problems of DLLs or OCXs.

Third Party Controls comes in second given the Microsoft DLL/OCX version problems.

The above two solutions allow your program to receive and monitor some error messages much closer.  For example the your email server would inform your software that a given domain name doesn't exist.   However these solutions require a lot more familiarity with VBA code.

Another option is FMS Inc's Total Access Emailer"Sending emails merged with your Microsoft Access data is a snap with Total Access Emailer. Generate personalized emails for everyone in your table or query. Emails can be in text and/or HTML format, and you can even embed or attach personalized (filtered) data and Access reports for each recipient."    (New 2011-07-11)

Note that with any solution you would likely want to use a dedicated email account as the Reply-To address.  Thus either the users or, where feasible, your software can handle the various inquiries and inevitable bounces.

Odds and Sods

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