Microsoft Access (Office) Developer Edition Versions

(Updated 2010/09/27)


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Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime

The Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime is free.

Microsoft Office Access 2003 Developer Extensions

The Access 2003 Developer Extensions are part of the new Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System software package.  Note that you do not need Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET.  This includes the following products.

However this is no longer available from Microsoft.

Also see Obtain and deploy the Access 2003 runtime

Microsoft Office XP Developer aka MOD XP occasionally aka MOD 2002

Note that the Access 2002 runtime creates the runtime package using the files from the original Office install without any patches. See Microsoft Access (Office) Developers Edition (ODE or MOD) Runtime Problems - Access 2002 runtime.  Thus you must either depend on the client running the online Microsoft Office Update or ship the Runtime Patch and either Jet 4.0 SP 8 or MS Security patch 04-014

Microsoft Office Developer Edition for 2000 aka MOD 2000

Office Developers Edition 97 aka ODE 97

Access Developer's Toolkit 7.0 aka ADT 7 aka ADT 95

Access 7.0 and Access Developer's Toolkit 7.0 Document: Features Checklist  I hope you're not using this product as Access 95 aka 7.0 was very buggy.

Microsoft Access (2.0) Developer's Toolkit aka ADT 2.0

This was shipped on four 3.5" diskettes, which I still have, and had its own version of msaccess.exe called msarn200.exe. 

Subsequent versions of the Access runtime shipped your copy of msaccess.exe and use registry settings to control the runtime environment.  Unfortunately Access 97 branded your msaccess.exe with your registration name.   If the user had an older Service Release version of msaccess.exe your msaccess.exe would replace theirs.  And your name would appear on the splash screen when A97 started up.

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