Operation failed - too many indexes - reduce the number and try again

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This message can occur when one table in the Microsoft Access MDB is corrupted and you are importing data.  However this message could be quite legitimate as well if working in the relationships window.

By Peter Miller of PK Solutions

The index definitions are corrupted. The semi-failure occurs because Access first imports the table definition and data, and then tries to apply the indexes. Since the index definitions are corrupted, it errors out. Your table's data is of course fine.

What you want to do is to create a copy of the table, but without any data. Remove all indexes. Run an append query and move the data from the problem table to the new table (they can be in the same file). Then recreate the indexes (not by copying and pasting!). Finally, move the new table to a new file. That should solve your problem

[ Corrupt MDBs | AccessMain ]

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