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The most common problem besides the OpLocks problem is intermittently flaky hardware.

One way to sometimes locate the suspect hardware is to create a 50 Mb or 100 Mb zipped file. And copy it from the server to the suspect workstation and back again. Then verify or test the zipped files integrity. This is not a definitive test however as Access works by sending out many small data packets rather than a continuous stream of large data packets.  However this may give you a clue especially if the file being copied seems to pause or take longer than it should.

Ensure you have up to date drivers for your network cards.  For example Possible Problems with Windows 98 Realtek Network Adapter Driver (Q189778)

Users must not abruptly terminate Access such as by canceling the job using Task Manager or by powering off their system without doing a shutdown first. Obviously power failures can cause problems as well. 

A laptop going into suspend or hibernation mode.

Ensure the server has a UPS.   I've personally seen four or five power failures at a client where the server was an a UPS however the 20-25 users were not.   But no corruptions.  (New2005-05-17)

Other causes of corruption mentioned have been
   - cordless phones
   - radio transmitters near a computer. (the kind that couriers, taxis and the like use. Which could have some stray RF coming from the radio case or coax cable leading to the antennae.   Cell phones have not been mentioned as a contributing factor that I've ever seen in the newsgroups.) (Changed2003-08-07)
   - welding machines on the other side of a wall.
   - unshielded transformers on the other side of a wall.
   - photocopiers or shredders on the same electrical power circuit. 
   - network cable in suspended ceilings near fluorescent light ballasts.  
   - network cable isn't wrapped around power cables. 
   - If you are running BNC/coax throw it out.  However this highly unlikely these days thankfully.  If not re-solder all the connections.  (Crimp on ends are a definite no no.  <smile>)

Iíve personally seen an old building with flaky power where every computer was on a UPS. Except for the hub. Once the hub was on a UPS all was well. 

Are all your network cards set for 100 Mbps and duplex? It's possible that the switch or hub and the network card aren't auto detecting each other quite properly. So try forcing the network cards to 100 Mbps and/or duplex..

Is the network overloaded?  Are there a lot of collisions?  There is frequently a yellow collisions light on hubs.  If so replace the hub with a switch.  Or if multiple hubs then link them using a switch instead of directly connecting them.  Also place the server on the switch as well as power users and network printers which are quite busy.  This this scenario is unlikely these days as you can't even purchase hubs any more but I thought it worth mentioning.  

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