Corrupt Microsoft Access MDB Causes

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If this problem has suddenly started happening what changed?   A new server?  A new workstation?  A new user with some bad habits?  New service pack on the server?  Mice chewing on network cables?  (Don't laugh, that has been a cause of network troubles.) 

A new client computer? For example your network clients have all been Win 9x but a new Win XP system was just given access to your Access MDB.

Is the problem on the same computer?  If so suspect hardware, possibly network or other drivers, no matter how much your IT department states that the problem couldn't possible be at their end.   (Of course it could be the user powering off the system abruptly.) The problem here is that some piece of hardware could be intermittently flaky which the IT departments diagnostic tests can't find. 

If on many computers then suspect OpLocks.  Or some hardware common to all such as a switch/hub, server, or cable running from one switch/hub to another switch/hub.  Or some fix or service pack recently applied to the server.

Causes - Opportunistic Locking (OpLocks)
Causes - Hardware
Causes - Software
Causes - Samba

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