Advantages of Microsoft Access Based Accounting Systems

For those who are unfamiliar with MS Access it is a Windows based database system. Developing or modifying code is much easier and faster, hence cheaper, than doing the same thing in DOS, mini-computers or mainframes. Reports can be also be quickly added, modified, or new ones created based on already existing reports. However if you're inexperienced at doing programming or with MS Access keep in mind that computers only allow you to make mistakes much, much faster.

One big advantage of many of the following systems is that the source code either comes with the system or is available for an additional fee. This means that the systems can be adapted to suit your requirements.

For example, one of my clients is a trucking company. They pay, on behalf of their owner/operator truckers, many of their truckers expenses, such as fuel, tires, cash advances and cell phone bills. Keeping track of these expenses is a time consuming and error prone task. Furthermore any mistakes come right out of the owner's pocket. Now I can add the trucker unit number to the Accounts Payable data entry screens and deduct these expenses from the drivers cheque.

(Note that this is an over simplification of what I'd have to do to add this. For example, I'd have to allow journal entries to also allow entry of the unit number as the accounting person would have to correct entries. )

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