Convert Access to Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, ASP or ASP.NET

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Access to Visual Basic

Note: There have been a number of comments in the newsgroups stating that these products may be of limited use. They may not handle continuous forms, sub forms or sub reports very well. Others who are programming in both Access and Visual Basic have stated that a database app can be built in about half the time in Access compared to VB. As always YMMV (Your mileage may vary.)

One persons comments can be found here.

Convert Access to Crystal Reports

Convert Access to Java

Convert Access to ASP

  • access2asp creates the asp code to put your microsoft access database online with full administration!.
  • Access to .NET Converter from Converts your Access forms and reports to ASP .NET/VB6 and Crystal Reports 8/8.5/9.

Create ASP.NET code from Access tables

Convert Access to Data Access Pages

Various Access data to DB converters, synchronizers and forms to Web converters


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