Access Compatible Grid Controls

(Updated 2010-09-27)


Why would you need a grid control?  After all Access's own subforms or continuous forms are very useful, aren't they?

A2000 and newer do support conditional formatting but one major, in my not so humble opinion, is different lists in combo boxes in different records.   For example lets take a list of components for a computer.  You add a new record and choose CD/DVD readers as a category.  Wouldn't it be nice to then see in the combo box just a list of CD/DVD readers.

Or suppose that some lines require an additional size, ie RAM or hard drive size, but others don't, ie CD/DVD.  It would be nice to turn on or off that specific field for that specific record.


When reviewing these or any other controls ensure the vendor specifically states that they do support Access with their controls. In which case they will likely also have sample code on their website. Frequently VB code can be reviewed and adapted.  Most of the vendors who sell control allow you to download a demo version and see if it suits your needs. For more details on why many ActiveX controls don't work in side Access see the following Knowledge Base articles at

ACC97: Custom ActiveX Control Features Supported in MS Access 97
ACC97: ActiveX Controls List Doesn't Show All ActiveX Controls
ACC2000: Custom ActiveX Control Features Supported in Access

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