Calendars and Microsoft Access

(Last Updated 2010-09-27)

MSCal.OCX aka Microsoft Calendar Control

I avoid use of any control where reasonable.  I especially avoid use of Microsoft controls as these can change a lot on various OS and cause an immense amount of distribution and version problems.   That said the Microsoft Calendar Control is among the most stable.

Non Microsoft  controls are usually pretty stable as they are specific to a given purpose and aren't updated that often.  It is also in the vendors best interest to keep the software versioning to a minimum. 

If you insist on using the control the following looks like a decent explanation of how to use it.  A Pop-up Calendar for your Access Forms

API call

MonthCalendar by Stephen Lebans is a database containing a Class that wraps the Microsoft Month Calendar Common Control in an easy to use interface. This is a completely API generated Month Calendar derived directly from the Common Control DLL. There are no distribution or versioning issues as there are if you use the ActiveX Month Calendar control.

Calendar Forms

Forms based controls can give you a lot more flexibility and avoid the OCX version problems.. As these are forms you can also do anything with them you want.

You can also use the calendar form which comes in the Access <insert your version here> Developers Handbook by Litwin/Getz/Gilbert, publisher Sybex . These books are well worth spending money. Every time I open one I save the price of the book.

Third party controls

Calendar Reports

Duane Hookum, fellow Access MVP, has an awesome and simple calendar in a report. See the Calendar Reports sample section at Hook'D on Access Samples 


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